Testing For Mold and Your Home Inspection

While mold can be a serious hazard it doesn’t always have to be one.  Various media stories have focused on the most extreme cases and these may all be real cases but most often mold is not as serious of a problem as everyone may believe.  In addition each person has different allergies that can complicate the problem.  Typically mold is caused by a moisture source which has to be identified and remedied before the actual mold can be addressed.

Tests for mold are available and will indicate the presence and type of mold but not knowing how one reacts to various allergens can complicate things.  Other materials within the home may cause similar reactions.  Many materials “off gas” for months or even years as they cure and age.  These materials that are being released into the home can be a source of allergies.

While some cases do require mold testing and abatement often times removing moisture damaged materials and  resolving moisture intrusion issues can solve the problem.  A good home inspector will be familiar with the common sources and causes of mold and will often be able to alert the home buyer during the course of the home inspection about possible mold issues.  After further assessment the inspector may recommend further investigation, testing and or abatement.