How is Inspecting a Historic Home Different than a Standard Home Inspection

Historic property services include Historic Home Inspections, Insurance Inspections and Consulting. You need an expert when it comes to a Historic Home. As your Home Inspector I can help as I have an extensive background in Historic Homes, Preservation and Restoration.  Old buildings are built different and with different materials and methods. This presents it’s own set of scenarios not to mention aging and it’s important to have a Home Inspector who understands difference.

When you inspect a historic home, whether it’s been landmarked or not, we will be inspecting it in the context of the time period in which it was built balanced against contemporary, acceptable building practices, and the general quality of the home.  Experience counts for a lot when evaluating older structures considering differences in materials and building techniques.  The more older the home the more it varies regarding what was considered acceptable at the time the home was built.  A historic home inspection will take these factors into consideration and expertise is very important.

The laws of physics haven’t changed with time, however, so many things that make a building safe or unsafe haven’t changed either. Older buildings, especially those that have been poorly maintained, present good opportunities to study the failures and successes of the various home materials and systems.  The elements that cause deterioration of different home components have had longer to work on older homes.  Items such as the foundation, wall coverings and roof are important and should always be evaluated by an expert.

From a preservation standpoint you can expect expert advise on how best to maintain and preserve your historic home.  This may include consultation or advise on how best to work within preservation guidelines and ordinances. 

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