Chinese Drywall and What You Should Be Aware Of

Starting approximately in 2006 questions arose regarding the quality of Chinese drywall also known as wall board or plaster board.  Homeowners noticed a rotten egg smell and some complained of various side effects.  Large amounts of drywall were imported from China and were used primarily by large home builders.  Some estimates for effected homes are as high as 100,000.  Most complaints appear to be coming out of Florida and Louisiana area due to high temperatures and humidity.

The Home Builders claim that they weren’t aware of any quality problems when they purchased and installed the drywall resulting in several builders filing law suites with the suppliers who sold the builders the drywall.  Research has showed that most of this product was installed between 2006 and 2008 when domestic supplies were low and expensive but some products intered the market as early as 2001.

Some claims involve corrosion of air-conditioning coils, excessive appliance and electronic repairs and corrosion of various metals inside the homes including electrical wiring, metal picture frames and silver ware.  The State of Florida has investigated this issue and so far tests appear to be inconclusive while other evidence suggests that there is something to be concerned about.  Tainted Chinese drywall was used here in Central Florida including in Sanford, Lake Mary, Deltona and the Orlando area.  The tainted drywall was supposedly bought by local builders and used in construction including in single family homes.  More information will continue to surface as time goes by and more inspections find Chinese manufactured drywall.

Our home inspections include a free threshold inspection for Chinese Drywall as a part of our home inspection process where indications of tainted drywall may require further testing and evaluation.  This process includes checking for corrosion of metal at various locations throughout the home that may be considered an indication of Chinese drywall.